Recent Work

Scotty Wilson Music

Scotty Wilson is a Brisbane-based composer, performer, and teacher who wanted to revamp a DIY website that wasn’t getting much engagement. We created a brand new site with a modern look, highlighting each of his services and streamlining the copy on 5 unique, interactive pages. The final product is a dynamic showcase of his work and a marketing tool that will allow him to expand his reach and bring a sleek, professional feel to his brand.

The Unlearning Network

The Unlearning Network is a community focused on self-improvement, financial literacy, and health and wellness. As a new organization, they wanted a website that would set the tone for their entire brand strategy and feature prominently in their launch. The site immediately established them as an exciting newcomer to the self-improvement industry, drawing an enthusiastic base of followers and laying the groundwork for rapid expansion and growth in the future.

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

St. Andrew’s is a community-focused church in Ridgefield, Connecticut who wanted a full makeover of their outdated DIY site. Some of their goals were to create a new and modern user experience, to reach a larger population of potential members, and to appeal to a younger demographic. We did a full redesign with a special focus on these aspects, creating a brand new look and establishing a solid web presence to help the church expand their reach and continue to thrive in the digital age.