Design & Development

Regardless of your industry, your website is one of the most important investments you can make. Almost everyone will visit your website before making a purchase, donation, or registration decision, even if they already know you or your business. Within seconds, your target audience will make assumptions about you based on the quality and functionality of your site, both knowingly and subconsciously. My primary goal is to make sure visitors not only stay on your website, but engage fully with an impressive, professional platform you can be proud of.


My design process is guided by 3 core principles:



Although a successful website has many components, the visual design will be your visitors’ first impression. Your site should communicate a clean, professional, and visually pleasing aesthetic that reflects your personality and invites visitors in.

Style will be a guiding principle through every stage of the design process, from page layouts and overall aesthetics to menus, buttons, and contact forms.

User Experience

 It is important that your site be designed and structured in such a way that visitors understand within moments who you are, what you are offering, and how they can engage – whether to learn more, make a purchase, donate, or sign up for your services.  

Anyone who visits your site should have a pleasant, intuitive experience. During the design process, I will make sure this experience is as smooth and organic as possible, guiding your visitors through the site in a way that is clear, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing.



Growth Potential

I approach every website design with the potential for growth in mind. This means optimizing your site for performance (speed, functionality, and SEO) as well as the possibility for future expansion as you grow and scale your business. Your site will be designed in such a way that future services, additional pages, more functionality, and increased site traffic can be easily accommodated.